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The Frantic Flintstones

Billy Overdose CD Album

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Release Date: 02/02/2004

Discs: 1

With a huge and loyal following across the world, the Frantic Flintstones have never been more popular. This is a 12 song collection of brand new and rare, never before released psycho and rockin’ material.

1. Retard Son 2
2. Keep On Keepin On
3. Billy Overdose
4. Breakout Mania (Instrumental Version)
5. Drug Squad (Gummage Version)
6. Pantman (50/50 Version)
7. Love Me (Megaphone Version)
8. Lock Me Up (Hardcore Version)
9. So Sad (Alternate Version)
10. Westerland
11. Klaus Suck My Dick
12. Lock Me Up (Instrumental Version)