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The Bad Detectives

Get Hip, Let Rip CD Album

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Release Date: 07/03/2005

Discs: 1

With styles ranging from Surf-Pop, Alt Country and almost bordering on Psychobilly in places, this band serve up 14 fantastic tracks, all very kitsch and all self penned.

1. Jungle Room
2. Rock n Roll Cranks Me Up
3. Surfing The Severn Bore
4. Son Of Kong
5. Fortune Wheel
6. Ghost On The B 666
7. Alligator Rosie
8. Reeperbahn Rocker
9. I'm Drinkin' Myself Stupid Over You
10. Wild Wild Party
11. Saturday Morning Show
12. Redneck Zombies
13. Ford Capri
14. Yard Sale Of Sorrow