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The Cheaterslicks

Deadly Combination CD Album

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Release Date: 01/02/2010

Discs: 1

This is the debut album of the Cheaterslicks, although they have already appeared on Western Star compilations.

The band are 3 musicians based in the West of England, who play gritty Rockabilly, often with a Rockin' blues flavour. Rev Up, Burn Out is a fine album from 3 guys who know their stuff!

1. Hotrod King
2. 20 Days A Drunk (Album Version)
3. I Just Can't Win
4. Rumble Of Thunder
5. You're Untrue
6. Cry & Moan
7. Gimme Just A Little Bit
8. You're Still Torturing Me
9. Hard Working Man
10. Can't Hardly Stand It
11. Well Of Tears
12. Nobody's Guy
13. Mother Truckers
14. Big Love Guarantee