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The Red Hot Trio

Perdition CD Album

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Release Date: 04/03/2013

Discs: 1

This is a brilliantly written album. The Red Hot Trio are fronted by Jimmy Lee, who writes with depth and meaning, whilst still maintaining a definite Rockabilly feel.

Their first album was released on Nervous records, this is their second full album and we're pleased that we have secured the physical release for Western Star.

1. Devil Woman
2. Whiskey Train
3. Unspoken Words
4. Lovestruck Fool
5. Writer's Block
6. Day By Day
7. My Old Guitar
8. Don't Think Twice
9. The Mental Breakdown
10. Letter To Donna Jayne
11. You're Tearing Me Apart
12. Ballad For A Friend
13. Love Me
14. You Never Know What You Got...
15. I'm Alright Jack