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The Intolerants

100% Of Nuthin' CD Album

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Release Date: 02/03/2015

Discs: 1

Debut album from a band based in Sweden, who have a front man singer from The UK.

13 of the 14 tracks are self-penned and the album kicks arse! with sounds ranging from Psychobilly to insurgent Country.

1. Number One
2. Crawlin' Back
3. The Bitterness That Lasts
4. While You Were Out Of It
5. Ten To Two
6. Can't Be Arsed
7. Red Dress
8. So Long Baby Goodbye
9. The Next Time I See You
10. Do You Hate Me
11. Without You
12. Why Do I Do It
13. Coal Miner's Son
14. En GÃ¥ng Till