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El Camino

8 Days N Dusted CD Album

CD $11.99

Release Date: 26/10/2017

Discs: 1

After their brilliant debut album two years ago, were you left wondering what happened to Five Chin Freddie? Well wonder no more, this album includes the sequel!!! This is an amazing collection of songs and will really put this band on the map.

1. You Never Showed
2. Give Up
3. What D'Ya Say?
4. The Nutter
5. Time To Talk
6. No Neck Nellie
7. Oliver's Army
8. Two Faced Baby
9. The Number 44
10. Trick Or Treat
11. I Heard That Pardon?
12. Joe Luck
13. Happy Place
14. Beat Out My Love
15. Go Go Gorilla
16. In The Pit
17. Woman's Blues