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Bo Diddley Blew My Mind! CD Album

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Release Date: 27/04/2018

Discs: 1

Born in McComb Mississippi at the end of 1928, Ellas Otha Bates could never have foreseen the influence his music would have on future generations. Bo Diddley, as he become known, recorded for the Chess label from the mid '50s and cooked up a distinct signature rhythm of African-style beats, often laced with maracas. This, combined with his snappy dress sense and a penchant for unusually shaped guitars proved a winning combination, achieving sufficient success to see him tour well into old age.

Now, a decade after his death, Bo Diddley's legacy can still be heard in many recordings. Genres including R&B, Rockabilly, Blues and even Hip Hop still regularly dip into the Bo Diddley rhythm pool and borrow heavily from his enduring beat.

These are just a few examples...

1. Put A Spell On Me - The Bullets
2. Electric Blue - Jack Rabbit Slim
3. One Foot Willy - The Pat Winn Combo
4. Bring My Baby Back Home - Rusti Steel & The Star Tones with Alan Mills
5. (Bobby Fuller's Drinking) Gasoline - The Bad Detectives
6. Diddley Squat - Norm & The Nightmarez
7. Cruel Love - Ruby Darnell & The Lazy Rancheros
8. Treat You Right - Lew Lewis & The Twilight Trio
9. Eye's Wide Open - Delta 88
10. No Neck Nellie - El Camino
11. Bullet With My Name On It - Bob Butfoy
12. I Won't Get Drunk & I Won't Get Lost - The Devils Deuce
13. Crazy Witchcraft - Den Hegarty & The Western All-Stars
14. Bayou Boogie - The Cheaterslicks
15. Kicks Like ‘ 56 - The Bullets
16. Queen Bee - Jack Rabbit Slim
17. Tribal Beat - Roadhouse Roosters
18. Liquor & Las Pistolas - Las Pistolas
19. Down Low - The Dynamite Pussy Club
20. It Can Happen To You - Bob Butfoy
21. Racheal - Rusti Steel & The Star Tones
22. Panic Attack - The Bullets
23. The Night Bo Diddley Blew My Mind - The Go Go Cult