Buy Online The Gazmen - Rigormortis Rock 10-Inch EP (Coloured Vinyl)

The Gazmen

Rigormortis Rock 10-Inch EP (Coloured Vinyl)

10 Inch $19.99

Release Date: 17/04/2020

Discs: 1

In 1995 Gary Day, long time bass player with Morrissey (and ex Sharks/Frantic Flintstones/Nitros) put together a project with his old band mates Alan Wilson and Hodge of The Sharks and Alain Whyte who was Morrissey's guitar player and co-writer. 4 tracks were recorded which were realised as a 12" EP on Vinyl Japan. This sold out and the vinyl has been out of print and hard to get for 20+ years. Some time later the EP came out on an American label as a CD-EP. Again this has been out of print for many years.

As the decades have passed, The Gazmen EP has been referred to by fans and collectors alike as one of the best-loved releases in the history of the Rockabilly & Psychobilly scene. We are proud to have secured this re-issue and in keeping with the near-mythical status of the original, we've kept it collectable and special. Western Star are proud to present this long-awaited reissue; this time as a 10" coloured vinyl EP limited pressing.

A1. Rigormortis Rock
A2. The Kid From Mars
B1. Teenage Operation
B2. The Ace Of Hearts