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Dirty Little Devils CD Album


Release Date: 03/03/2014

Discs: 1

Still touring the world and packing venues after 30+ years and finally on Western Star records: Frenzy!

Recorded at Western Star studios, this album first appeared on Crazy Love records in 2001, but has been out of print and hard to find for over a decade.

So our re-issue on Western Star will be a welcome release for old fans who missed it first time around and new fans who never got the chance.

1. The Truth
2. Where Do We Go From Here
3. Mirror In The Bathroom
4. Caught Out
5. Burning Love
6. Edge Of Time
7. We Fall Down
8. Fly Me To The Moon
9. The Blade
10. Do To You
11. Far & Wide
12. Dirty Little Devils
13. Time To Kill
14. New Found Fame