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The Lost CD Album


Release Date: 04/03/2016

Discs: 1

This is a cracking Rockabilly album that was recently unearthed having been lost for over 20 years. The band feature Mouse Zinn - so you know it's gonna be great!

1. Baby What You Want Me To Do
2. Blue Jeans And A Boys Shirt
3. Blues Blues Blues
4. Yes I'm Gonna Love You
5. Chicken Run
6. No More Crying The Blues
7. Go Go Go!
8. Homesick Boy
9. One Cup Of Coffee
10. One Part Stops Where The Other Begins
11. Pink Cadillac
12. Rock N' Roll Jump N' Shout
13. Come On Baby Take A Little Chance With Me
14. Three Alley Cats
15. Waiting For A Train
16. Warm Love
17. What Goes On
18. Wild Wild Lover
19. You Got To Lose