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Stage Frite

Swanabilly Kink CD Album


Release Date: 25/01/2019

Discs: 1

This is Stage Frite's second album for Western Star and it's a killer! Seriously great songs mixed with the bands warped sense of humour and obsession with wildfowl makes this a very entertaining release.

1. Swan Lake
2. Sleep Feeders
3. Poor Girl
4. Rockabilly Weekend
5. Martian Attack
6. Gimp Geese & Ghastly Grebes
7. Massacre Of Mudpike
8. Soul Collector
9. Psycho Skanking Crazy Ape
10. Swallows & Brass Dusters
11. Jugstore Baby
12. Messed Up Swanabilly Kink
13. Rattlin' Bones